#8 Does your website instantly turn potential clients away?

Elevate Your Hair and Makeup Brand: From Service to Experience

Want to create a hair, makeup and bridal brand that truly stands out? It's time to rethink your approach - It’s time become MORE than JUST a service.

Elevating your entire client journey is key, from the moment they book your services to the final goodbye - which hopefully, in a strategic business model, is NEVER! 

This means paying attention to every touchpoint, from your sales experience to your client experience.

Remember: strangers *potential clients* become a client the moment they receive their booking confirmation. That means everything that comes before is part of the sales experience. Are you giving potential clients the right impression - does it feel like a full body f*ck yes to book with you and your team?

One key factor to consider is your website. Could it be turning away potential new clients? And is it reducing your marketing efforts?! By taking a critical look at your online presence, you can improve your branding, boost your client experience, and turn your hair and makeup services into a true experience that leaves a lasting impression that your clients and brides become obsessed with!


[00:18] Importance of creating a sales experience that wows clients

[02:01] The importance of showcasing more than just pricing on a website

[05:14] How a website is like an online version of a brick-and-mortar shop

[05:57] The changing priorities of customers: valuing connection, trust, and resonance over just price

[09:34] The benefits of creating an inviting, inspiring website that sparks desire, resonance, and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)



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