#2 How I went from $35k to $149k in less than 12 months

 Despite having three small children and grieving the loss of her mother, I was determined to build an empire and succeed. After struggling for almost 6 years in business, I finally reached a remarkable milestone - 4X my revenue within less than 12 months! 

In this episode, I share what the first 3 years, 6 years, and 10 years of business looked like, and exactly what challenges I had to overcome to 4X my revenue.

I share the truth about my insecurities and fear when I struggled to break through $35k years. I share the intimate vulnerability of losing my mum and what that meant for my business.

I share breaking through my $70k limitation and how I did that by building my bridal team and innovative systems which lead me to creating a multi 6-figure business whilst growing a new business, simultaneously.

I hope you feel insanely inspired by my story, gorgeous!



(03:02) My struggle to exceed the $35k years in business

(04:23) I lost my mum to cancer after a 3.5 year fight

(05:10)  Season of life with 3 little boys under 4 years

(10:40) From $35k - $149k years in less than 12 months

(17:23) I feel like I had failed as a mum



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